Did you know that a professional nail treatment has long-term health benefits? Our nail services, featuring O.P.I. products, will help promote blood flow and protect against infections.  All the while decreasing your stress levels.  Therefore, your feet and hands will look and feel great.


Regardless of the words you use or the reasons you require it, massage can be powerful part of your healthcare regimen. The emotional balance massage provides, is as vital and valuable as its physical benefits.


Somewhere along the way, hair starts to lose its “joi”, because what makes you happy about your hair, and what makes your hair happy, can be two different things. But, there’s nothing in the world like the beauty of healthy hair. So, our line of Joico products will help return hair to its healthiest state, even after one use. The “joi of healthy hair”, communicates positive emotion and unparalleled science.


Many people wait until they encounter a skin problem to consult a professional esthetician.  Facials and other skin treatments help cleanse the skin, removing toxins caused by your everyday environment.  Repêchage products combine salon treatment quality with the ease of at-home use. Every product is formulated with the highest quality ingredients.